To create a kind, tolerant, and inclusive community space that will uplift marginalized groups, make printmaking education accessible to the public, and allow printmakers of all levels of experience to showcase their work, ask questions, participate in events, and make meaningful connections.

"Why do we need diversity in this industry?"

In a nutshell, representation matters. Kings have lost their thrones (and their head) for representative democracy. Wars have been fought in foreign lands to promote the concept of political representation. Women chained themselves to fences for representation in parliament. Representation matters because we’re all participants of the systems we live in – as an audience we consume the arts through our eyes, through our wallets and through our affirmation in double clicks on our Instagram feed. There is no doubt that your audience is ethnically diverse. Your grid should reflect that too. Non white artists deserve representation for the mere fact that we exist as our white majority counterparts do, and contribute to the industry in the exact same way, our work tells stories about our thoughts, history, perspective and opinion, in the same way that white print makers do too. Our work is a demonstration of our talent, in the same way that a white printmaker’s is. When you diversify your grid, you represent all print makers and you give all print makers an equal amount of space.

  • Sunbul (@night_press)

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