Q. What is the structure of The Printmakers Collective?

A. Membership is centralized through the Collective's Discord Server. We have a group leader, a planning committee, and everything is voted upon by the Collective's members to ensure we are properly serving the community we represent.

Q. How can one join The Printmakers Collective?

A. Send us a message on Instagram @theprintmakerscollective and we will happily send you an invitation link to the Discord server!

Q. Can I join the Planning Committee, or become an admin or moderator?

A. YES! Please feel free to contact us to inquire about Leadership Roles.

Q. Are there any fees?

A. No. We are hoping to be fully funded by grants, merch sales, donations and sponsor support.

Q. How can one make a donation?

A. First of all, thank you for asking! You can make donations available to The Printmakers Collective's Venmo account @theprintmakerscollective.